ELIXIR-CONVERGE is a project funded by the European Commission to help standardise life science data management across Europe. The project will develop a data management toolkit for life scientists to achieve this standardisation.

The toolkit will help ensure more research data in the public domain, which will give scientists access to more data. This will allow them to discover new insights into society’s challenges, such as food security and health in old age, and help stimulate innovation in biomedicine and biotechnology. In particular, the project aims to build management capacity across ELIXIR nodes to address specific ESFRI working group recommendations.

To achieve these goals, ELIXIR has partnered with the University of Milano-Bicocca on the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures which allowed teams from nodes to attend this part-time MBA and experts from Elixir to contribute as guest speakers. Professor Marialuisa Lavitrano, the Director of the Master, says: “We are proud and honoured to continue collaborating with ELIXIR in strengthening managerial competencies and skills in the European Research Infrastructure ecosystem”.

ELIXIR CONVERGE & EMMRI a fruitful collaboration