2019 Master Class – EMMRI

Ana Casino, CETAF , Executive Director

Ana Casino is Executive Director at CETAF, Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities AISBL. CETAF is an International non-profit scientific organization with 60+ Members (natural sciences and natural history museums, botanic gardens–all collections based research performing institutions) and 5,000+ researchers, from 21 European countries.  (VIDEO)

Wolfgang Fecke, EU-Openscreen, Director General 

Wolfgang Fecke, is Director General at EU-Openscreen, a European Research Infrastructure Consortium for medicinal chemistry, supporting research and its translation to medicine and agriculture. More than 135 screening and medicinal chemistry projects, involving academic, SME and large industry users coming from 22 European and non-European countries, were run at EU-OPENSCREEN partner sites in 2017 alone. (VIDEO)

Jana Striova, Resercher CNR, E-RIHS

Jana Striova is a researcher at INO-CNR – innovative application of laser sources and spectroscopic imaging methods for the diagnostics and conservation of CH, in frame of CHARISMA, Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures: Synergy for a Multidisciplinary approach to Conservation/Restoration, H2020 INSIDDE  (VIDEO)

Ludovic Renault, Head of the NeCEN Facility

Ludovic Renault is the Head of the NeCEN Facility, he is the leader of a team of five people, overviewing daily running of the NeCEN facility. During his daily work, he acts as a technical director reporting directly to the scientific director of the Institute.  (VIDEO)

2017 Master Class – EMMRI

jive director francisco paco colomer

Francisco Colomer, JIVE Director General

Francisco Colomer is the director of JIVE from January 2018. Colomer joined JIVE as policy officer and manager of the EC-funded ‘JUMPING JIVE’ project in 2017; he came from the Spanish National Geographic Institute, where he had acted as coordinator of VLBI activities with the Yebes telescopes for the last 20 years (VIDEO)

Ilaria Nardello, EMBRC-ERIC Executive Director

Ilaria Nardello is the Executive Director at EMBRC-ERIC. The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is a pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) of state-of-the-art research facilities, distributed at leading marine biological stations across Europe. Her role as EMBRC Executive Director is to provide strategic leadership and drive the Members to achieve their goals, by helping the EMBRC Implementation Board setting the vision, plan and strategies for this Research Infrastructure. (VIDEO)

Tiago Magalhães, CCMar Executive Director

Tiago Magalhães is the Executive Director of CCMar, in Portugal, a research organization for Marine sciences with European and worlwide reach. (VIDEO)

Alicja Szofer Araya
Alicja Szofer Araya, ECRIN Administrative and Finance Manager

Alicja Szofer Araya is the Administrative and Finance Manager at ECRIN. In this role she is responsible for general administration, finance and human resources management, as well as administrative and financial management of EU-funded grants.
She has more than 15 years’ experience in private and public sector business administration. At ECRIN since 2008, she is involved in the management of European projects and has played a key role in establishing ECRIN as a legal entity in France. (VIDEO)

Ari Asmi, ENVRIplus Project Director

Ari Asmi, ENVRIplus Project Director at ICOS. Ari Asmi is the director of a major H2020 cluster project concentrating on common development of all major European environmental RIs, and he is a participant in several other initiatives on RI development and on open data issues.
His interests are currently concentrated on development and managing of environmental research infrastructures (RIs) (VIDEO)

Antonio Villanueva, manager at EICMAT

Antonio Villanueva, EICMAT manager 

Antonio Villanueva, manager at EICMAT. He is is unit manager at ECIMAT and responsible of the Environmental Quality Unit of ECIMAT. (VIDEO)

Simone Campana, CERN Manager and Scientist 

Simone Campana is leading the offline computing project of the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Representing the activity at the ATLAS Executive (governing) Board and Collaboration (legislative) Board. In charge of the negotiations and relationships with the computing funding agencies, liaising with the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) management. (VIDEO)


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