Marialuisa Lavitrano - Unimib
Marialuisa Lavitrano – Unimib

Marialuisa Lavitrano Marialuisa Lavitrano is professor of Pathology, director of Molecular Medicine Lab, and director of the School of Oncology at the University of Milano-Bicocca where she was pro-rector for International Affairs for 8 years (2006–2013). She is the Director of EMMRI – the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures.

Prof. Marialuisa Lavitrano is among the most outstanding scientists currently working at UNIMIB. Enrolled at UNIMIB in 2001, a few years after the creation of the University, she played a key role in the development and establishment of UNIMIB as one of the most promising universities in Italy.




Her Commitment to the European Research Infrastructures Landscape

Prof. Lavitrano participated in the preparatory phase of BBMRI, ECRIN and EATRIS as Italian Member State representative and currently she is Node Director, appointed in 2013. She participated in the preparatory phase of BBMRI, ECRIN and EATRIS as Italian Member State representative.

Her involvement in the ongoing design of the Italian Competence Centre for Open Science Cloud within ICDI, the Italian Computing and Data Initiative and in several research projects allows her to have a strong experience in the coordination of complex and wide consortia, from both the scientific and the administrative point of view.

For a period of four years, she has developed the international strategies for the Ministry of Health, participated in the Inter-ministerial Commission for International Research – JPI, Road map ESFRI, EraNet, IMI – for strategic planning and evaluation of grant proposals, BioMedical Science sector, and has coordinated the Italian participation in the BioMedical Sciences ESFRI roadmap. Prof. Lavitrano has long-term experience in managing R&D projects, with leading roles in 9 European funded projects within H2020 programmes.

Thanks to her long-standing involvement in the Research Infrastructures, prof. Lavitrano has developed throughout the years a deep knowledge of professional networks in European research, innovation and higher education and of open science.

Her Milestones as Top Scientist

Prof. Lavitrano has a long-standing experience in managing R&D projects and carried out cutting edge research projects through a translational approach which involves the transfer of research data in clinical practice also through numerous international collaborations.The research activity of Prof. Lavitrano is mainly focused on Molecular Medicine. She is also interested in the bioethical aspects of science and research and participated at Bioethic Commissions of the Council of Europe, of the Vatican, and of the Italian government and has been co-director of the ELSI common Service of BBMRI-ERIC.
The research activity of Prof. Lavitrano has had a high impact in the scientific community. Prof. Lavitrano has been selected as a testimonial of European women scientists in the European project TWIST (Towards Women in Sciences and Technology,

Her Path as a Manager and a Leader

Her commitment as manager and leader (of projects such as the recently funded RITRAINPLUS, that involves 83 universities located in 30 countries, 16 research infrastructures and 100 core facilities) asks indeed for tough and continuous monitoring of all the possible aspects connected to the research management. Starting from budgeting, up to the management of the allocated funding and the risk management procedure, these are all activities that have to be dealt with on a daily basis, when participating in EU projects.

She co-leaded RItrain, the Research Infrastructure Training Programme, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project aimed at improving and professionalizing the training of managerial and leadership staff in research infrastructures (RIs). Thanks to this EU project, the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures has born.

She is always seeking for an active and proactive engagement of the stakeholders in all of her activities, both strictly research-related and dedicated to the society at large, as demonstrated by her involvement in the BBMRI-LPC, Ritrain, ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC, OPERAS-P, ID-EPTRI, and CREMLINPLUS EU projects.

Prof. Lavitrano is naturally committed to diversity and inclusiveness, simply by being a woman that made her way in a research field strongly dominated by men, reaching outstanding results and obtaining managerial roles in and out of the University of Milano-Bicocca.


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