Our vision

The successful management and leadership of Research Infrastructures requires a complex collection of scientific and managerial competencies, especially for those working across national borders.
This vision is the main pillar of RItrain, an EU funded H2020 research project on management competencies and training of Research Infrastructures under which the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures has been designed and developed with the direct input of Research Infrastructure senior leaders.
The Executive Masters programme is designed as a general management qualification for ambitious science professionals with considerable work experience who are looking to further develop their managerial and strategic leadership skills to lead research infrastructures.



The Master programme is tailored for busy executives by organising its 60 ECTS into a mixture of face-to-face and online activities held by international faculty and top managers from RIs.

The Masters programme offers three alternative enrolment options

To achieve the Masters certificate participants are required to attend the entire 12-module programme and to complete a field project. (APPLY NOW)

Research Infrastructures can enter the programme as an organisation and split the 12 modules among staff members according to their organisational needs. The admission fee covers one seat per module. This option is not covered by a Master certificate. The participating Research Infrastructure will be awarded with the Certificate of Excellence in Research Infrastructure Leadership, flagging it as an organisation that values staff development, thereby enhancing its attractiveness as an employer.
Participants will get corresponding credits and recognition after successful completion of the relative module. Credits can be taken into account for entering the full Master programme individually at a later stage. (APPLY AS A TEAM)

Participants that do not have time to do the full Masters or are only interested in particular topics may attend individual modules without enrolling to the entire programme. After successful completion of each module, a course certificate will be provided. Tuition fees and credits can be taken into account for entering the full Master programme at a later stage.
Interested applicants will be helped to select and combine specific contents/modules in order to get a truly tailored programme for their competency development needs. (MORE INFO)



What will the programme cover?

Participants will examine how different Research Infrastructure leaders respond to and mobilise collective effort to address immediate issues and proactively shape their environment to enhance the service that they provide to users.

Participants will also explore a range of key capabilities and skills associated with effective strategic leadership in an increasingly internationalized context, including:

  • Developing a better understanding of the environment
  • Developing leadership capacity for strategic direction
  • Delivering effective change and innovation
  • Developing strategic planning
  • Building strategic partnerships and collaboration
  • Managing international/multidisciplinary teams


What can the programme offer you?

  • A global network of Research Infrastructure colleagues in similar leadership positions
  • Appreciation of how Research Infrastructures in different countries are responding to common challenges
  • Greater awareness of your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • An outline of a strategic plan to take forward in your own organisational context
  • An extended set of practical tools, resources and models to aid you and your organisation to become more effective