The objective of the module was to provide participants with conceptual frameworks and tools for designing and implementing a successful strategy for a Research Infrastructure in national and international contexts. The strategic management is concerned with the process of setting organisation’s long-term objectives, evaluating the means of achieving them, formulating and implementing strategic plans. The module provided a theoretical basis for strategy improvement, based on mainstream management theory and contemporary business experience.

This module provided the conceptual lens and analytical tools for RIs in order to achieve long-term goals. The emphasis was on understanding the complexity of RI environment, decision-making and implementing the strategy process within the organisation.

The course had a very practical emphasis with a wide variety of cases, in-class discussion to enhance relevance, thanks to the efforts of professor Elisabeta Marafioti, the module leader, Jaques Demotes, ECRIN-ERIC Director-General, and Jennifer Edmond, Director of Strategic Projects, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Trinity College Dublin. 

The program covered the following topics:

Understanding the RI environment 

  • National and international environments
  • Analysing the competitive context of RIs

Strategic management 

  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategic planning
  • Mission and vision of RI
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Accountability to stakeholders
  • Managing of social challenges


EMMRI 3 – Module two on Strategic Management of RIs goes online!