The objective of the module is to provide participants with concepts of funding, the capacity of providing financial resources to finance an RI or a single project. The module focuses on developing a sustainable funding model for RIs through the explanation of the basics concepts of fund, funders, and methods of funding. Furthermore, the modules aim to introduce participants to basic concepts of financial analysis of investment projects.

The first day (7th March 2018) aimed to make clear the concept of sustainable funding in the Research Infrastructures context. Furthermore, it focused on alternative modes of funding and their impact on sustainability. To reach these goals, Paola Bongini, Full Professor of Banking and Finance at the University of Milano-Bicocca, gave a lecture about the concept of sustainable funding. In the afternoon Evila Pila, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Politecnico di Milano, gave a lecture crowdfunding.

During the same day Markus Pasterk, Administrative Director of BBMRI-ERIC, presented another funding tool: the Private Public Partnership through the BBMRI-ERIC case. Participants had also the opportunity to have a teleconference with Ohad GraberSaudry Director and Principal Consultant at, providing legal, governance and procurement support to research infrastructures and their business partners

The second day (8th March 2018) aimed to analyse in detail how to develop a sustainable financial plan as an important component of the broad business plan of a Research Infrastructure. Emanuele Rossi, Associate Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Milan-Bicocca,  stressed the differences between the idea of a project financial plan and the idea of a business financial plan, and the role of financial plan in a business plan.

Here a selection of tweets from our participants during these days


Pics and Tweets from M4 of our Master Course about Sustainable Funding for #EU_RIs
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