The RItrain programme is a useful tool to improve the Research Infrastructures environment. This is one of the reasons why the EuroFleets+ project decided to organise with the University of Milano-Bicocca a 2-days workshop called “STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR EUROFLEETS+”.

With two of the Faculty members of EMMRI, professor Enrico Guarini and professor Elisabetta Marafioti, fourteen EUROFLEETS+ representatives discussed the long-term sustainability of the project, thinking about the strategy and the operations to implement their view.

EUROFLEETS+ is an H2020 project funded under the Infrastructures initiative, coordinated by the Marine Institute that brings together a significant group of key marine research actors (in particular research vessel operators) in Europe, North America and Oceania – 42 marine institutes, universities, foundations and SMEs from 24 countries.
The EUROFLEETS+ project will facilitate open free of charge access to an integrated and advanced research vessel fleet, designed to meet the evolving and challenging needs of the user community. European and international researchers from academia and industry will be able to apply for several access programmes, through a single-entry system. EUROFLEETS+ will prioritise support for research on sustainable, clean and healthy oceans, linking with existing ocean observation infrastructures, and it will support innovation through working closely with industry. The project will enable access to a unique fleet of 27 state-of-the-art research vessels from European and international partners.



Through competitive Calls, researchers will be able to access the entire North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Pacific Southern Ocean and the Ross Sea. In addition to ship time, researchers will also have access to new AUVs and ROVs. A unique portable telepresence system will enable remote access by researchers and diverse end-users, including the public; a first for Europe. In addition to comprehensive transnational access activities, the project will undertake joint research in challenging and highly relevant areas, including deep-ocean research and exploration, data management, and enabling future virtual access. Multiple networking activities will ensure robust Call processes, wide stakeholder engagement, and development of a strategic roadmap and sustainability plan. To maximise the impact of the project, EUROFLEETS+ will implement diverse training and education activities, strong management of innovation in collaboration with industry, and widespread dissemination and communication actions.

The University of Milano-Bicocca hosted the EUROFLEETS+ Training Programme