Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR
Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR
Becoming a leader is a hard journey. However, this was the objective of M7, the eighth module of EMMRI about leadership and team building.

This module, delivered from 16th to 20th of September, was aimed to support participants in analyzing their leadership style and developing behaviours managing Research Infrastructure teams. The course was framed as a learning journey where lectures were interposed between interactive assignments, presentations, case studies, team simulations and assessment questionnaires to foster in-class discussion and enhance practical relevance.

During the module, participants were introduced to conceptual frameworks to analyse their behaviors and understand how to achieve effectiveness in diverse situations and organisational teams. Special attention was spent on the issue of leading and managing dispersed and virtual teams. The module was designed to enhance class discussions and stimulate participants to draw and report their own’s experiences.

To achieve this goal, the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures had excellent speakers lined up: Francesco Paoletti, Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Milano–Bicocca, was the module coordinator; Niklas Blomberg Elixir Director and Pascale Goy, Head of Learning and Development at CERN.

Each of them gave interesting insights embracing different topics for example: how to achieve results by engaging people individually and as a team through a better understanding of processes such as goal setting, delegation, delivery of feedback, coaching, roles definition and conflict resolution in a multicultural and often virtual or dispersed organisational contexts.

How to build a leadership inside a Research Infrastructure? Insights from M7