The second day aimed to analyse in detail the financial statements of Research Infrastructures and to introduce another important issue of financial management: the cash flow management.
Participants discussed ‘live cases’ presented by Alicja SzoferAraya and Andrea Santelli.

Alicja SzoferAraya, as Administrative Manager of ECRIN-ERIC, discussed a presentation named “Budget reporting for stakeholders, the case of ECRIN-ERIC”.

Andrea Santelli, as Chief Administrative Officer CERIC-ERIC, led a discussion about “In-kind contributions: the case of CERIC-ERIC”.

During the second day, Artur Rodrigues, from the University of Minho, showed four crucial topics about cash flows and financial sustainability, operations and cash flows, cash flow statement and how to develop the cash budget.

The entire module was coordinated by Francesca Magli, University of Milano-Bicocca, Enrico Guarini, University of Milano-Bicocca, and Markus Pasterk, Administrative Director of BBMRI-ERIC.


[18 pics] M3 – Day two: live cases discussions about ECRIN-ERIC and CERIC-ERIC
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