Jaques Demotes and Elisabetta Marafioti

Jacques Demotes-Mainard is neurologist and professor of Cell Biology, after an initial training in mathematics and computer science (BA), molecular biology and neuroscience (master degree), medicine (MD, neurologist), a PhD (neuroscience) and an international MBA. After 15 years as a clinical neurologist and a basic neuroscientist (particularly on signal transduction, neuro-immunological models of Parkinson’s disease, mood disorders and brain tumors), he became chair of a clinical research centre (Bordeaux University Hospital). Coordinator since 2004 of the four FP6 then FP7 ECRIN projects, and currently Director-General of ECRIN-ERIC, the ESFRI-roadmap research infrastructure supporting multinational clinical trials in Europe, based in Paris. He was also advisor at the Biology and Health research department of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research since 2005, and chair of the working group having drafted the OECD Council Recommendation on the governance of clinical trials.


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