Strategic Management of Research Infrastructures (5 ECTS)

22-24 January 2025 –  Sironi Room U4-8

Objective of the module is to provide participants with conceptual frameworks and tools for designing and implementing a successful strategy for a Research Infrastructure in national and international contexts. The strategic management is concerned with the process of setting organisation’s long term objectives, evaluating the means of achieving them, formulating and implementing strategic plans. The module provides a theoretical basis for strategy improvement, based on mainstream management theory and contemporary business experience.

This module provides the conceptual lens and analytical tools for RIs in order to achieve long-term goals. The emphasis is on understanding the complexity of RI environment, decision-making and implementing the strategy process within the organisation. The course has a very practical emphasis with a wide variety of cases, in-class discussion to enhance relevance.

Learning Model

Lectures, group works, case discussions, and a final assignment.

The programme covers the following topics

• Understanding the RI environment

National and international environments

• Analysing the competitive context of RIs Strategic management

• Strategic thinking

• Strategic planning

• Mission and vision of RIs

• Developing a strategic plan

• Accountability to stakeholders

• Managing of social challenges

Fees & Enrolment

Participation fee: 2,000 Euros

The Open Programme allows you to focus only on the topics and themes that you think are most important and most appropriate for your career. The offer is constantly evolving.

If you want more info, please send an email to and visit this page.

The Venue

This module will be held at the University of Milano-Bicocca. The University of Milano-Bicocca is located at Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo, 1 in Milan. Our campus benefits from the full array of learning environments and university-wide services.

How to reach us

Meet the Faculty

University of Milano-Bicocca:

Elisabetta Marafioti, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management (Read More)

Visiting Faculty:

Jennifer Edmond, DARIAH-ERIC, Director (Read More)
Jacques Demotes, ECRIN-ERIC, Director General (Read More)
Georges Dagher, Inserm, Director of US 13 Clinical Research Department (Read More)

Who should Apply?

• Director Generals, Chief Operating Officers or their equivalent
• Recently appointed or upcoming senior managers
• Heads of National Nodes
• Heads of Finance and Administration, HR and Communication
• Middle management
• Representatives of funding bodies and ministries responsible for RI funding